A God given vision years ago Southern Spice Eatery developed through the proud owners Tim and Miki Collier.  Southern, for the southern hospitality you will always receive and Spice for the spice of life that is brought to everything we do.  We take great pride in cooking, serving and even just smiling at you.  The greatest fulfillment is to know your purpose and choose to go through your process. For us this is more than an eatery.  It is a platform to encourage, inspire and sometimes motivate people in the comfort of a great atmosphere and an even better meal.

Join Momma Spice every Monday at KFLW 98.9 The Fort for Motivational Monday between 7:35-7:45am


Word of the Week

“Preparation is a key for success.  If you pay now it will not cost you later.”  

~Momma Spice~